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+1 second the request to change the message subject for this non-icann 
non-noncom discussion


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On 2 Feb 2016, at 15:17, John R. Levine wrote:

> I am still having a lot of trouble figuring out what this unlikely 
> scenario has to do with the ICANN NOMCOM.
> For anyone unfamilar with U.S. tax law, in most cases sending people 
> to ICANN meetings is a business expense, and one deducts business 
> expenses from one's income before computing the tax.
>> Bernie Sanders wins, ... and taxes are going up. Way up.  I imagine 
>> our esteemed American Oligarchs are crying tears of woe this morning 
>> into their hundred dollar after-brisket soup, asking their servants 
>> to look for an easy way to renounce U.S. citizenship.  I advise that 
>> they publicly claim to have distant family in New Zealand, so they 
>> can make leaving the "homeland" about that.  Global 
>> citizens get along fine anywhere, so I trust they won't miss the 
>> USA.  Americans won't miss them either, it seems our dear 
>> corporate leaders were too busy playing with their expensive toys to 
>> responsibly lead this nation economically. And it is amazing that the 
>> poor and middle class people here kept America going, carrying 40 
>> years of fraudulent Oligarchy on their backs, which speaks to the 
>> honor, toughness and heart of the American people.
>> Ron

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