[NA-Discuss] Update on NARALO General Assemby at ARIN New Orleans

Glenn McKnight mcknight.glenn at gmail.com
Tue Dec 20 21:32:18 UTC 2016

Hi Folks

We have had tremendous responses for our  membership on the  forthcoming
General Assembly and currently  we have  22 confirmed ALS who will be
participating for the  entire   ARIN and  NARALO event.  This is great
 news and thank you all who responded so quickly.  We expect a few others
responding after their  board meetings this week. In addition we also
expect one additional member from the Unaffiliated list. Alan Greenberg the
rep will be in communication to the list of 18 Unaffiliated members.

The  Logistics  committee met together  with staff on the logistics of the
event  and  we will be keeping everyone in the loop on the full details of
the agenda.  Judith Hellerstein is responsible for the speakers and she has
reached out to numerous  ICANN staff and Board members for their  active
participation .
A survey will be created for all attendees  to be sent out  in the new year
after  January 6th on your  preferences. food,  room , flight etc.
*Link pending *

*A rough  guide includes*
*Sunday  ARRIVALS*
Sunday  Afternoon   Newcomers session
Sunday Night           ARIN Social
Monday  8-9           NARALO Huddle
Mondy  9 to 5          ARIN Meeting
Monday Night         Social
Tuesday  8-9          NARALO Huddle
Tuesday   9 to 5      ARIN Meeting
Tuesdaay  Night      Social  and Dinner
Wed        8 to 2       General Assembly
*Wed   Afternoons and Evening Departures *
*( Note ISOC might be holding sessions for the  ISOC Members- Details from
Mark Buell)*

*Outreach and Engagement *
In addition we are requesting a  table with the NARALO banner and our new
mailcard at the  ARIN  event  so we are looking for a lead at be
responsible for organizing volunteers for the table for Monday and Tuesday
.  This will be near the registration desk to answer questions from the
 ARIN attendees.  The table will include  policy documents and ICANN

*ARIN Primer*
Two sessions will be organized lead by Chris Tacit of the ARIN advisory
board on Adobe Connect in Feb and March to introduce everyone to ARIN and
their policy process.  Please make sure you attend at least one of these
one hour sessions


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