[NA-Discuss] General Assembly Planning

Glenn McKnight mcknight.glenn at gmail.com
Tue Dec 13 19:34:26 UTC 2016

Hi Folks

Thanks for the quick responses on the   General Assembly attendance

We have 19 confirmed  names of organizations and we are expecting some of
the groups coming back with their organizations  designates.

We can expect 27 attendees from all the ALS's  from US Mainland,  US PR and

A quick update
[image: Inline image 1]

*Event Agenda *
Judith is chairing the working committee  with staff on the agenda.  A
 draft version of the time allotments have been created and some members
have stepped up as facilitators.
We will be needing note takers for each of the sessions


Please use this email
naralo-leadership at icann.org

The  ICANN CT  people and Susie Johnson on the job booking the travel,
hotels and the stipends

We will be in communication with each of you to make sure you have signed
off on your travel arrangements, loyalty airline programmes, food
preferences, special needs  etc.
ICANN will be sending out  communication to you with these issues.

*Special Guests*
If we want to have  our new ICANN  CEO  at our  event we need to send a
personal invitation and provide the date and timings for his presentation.

Clearly his presence on Wednesday morning would be a great kick-off to the
main session.  He is inspiration and no nonsense guy.   His presence at our
 social events the night before would also be great.
Please let us know if you are in agreement in the invitation.

Email to
naralo-leadership at icann.org


*Inservice Webinars*
In advance to the event  we will be booking separate  Get to Know ARIN
sessions. The dates to be determined.   One in February and another in
 March.   links to ARIN  www.arin.net .
It's important to note that at least six NARALO members have attended ARIN
meetings before

I can be reached at  1-905 434 6655 if you want to chat about the event or
volunteer in some capacity

Glenn McKnight
mcknight.glenn at gmail.com
skype  gmcknight
twitter gmcknight
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