[NA-Discuss] Seeking Regional Advice on the application of a new ALS The Association of Internet Users

Louis Houle louis.houle at oricom.ca
Thu Aug 18 03:45:23 UTC 2016

ISOC Quebec is glad to welcome the Association of Internet Users in the 
NARALO. It meets the «old» criteria.

It's a new player with the right profile to support our work.

Louis Houle
ISOC Quebec
Louis.Houle at isoc.quebec

Le 2016-08-08 à 13:19, Judith Hellerstein a écrit :
> HI All,
> We are seeking Regional Advice for a new ALS, The Association of 
> Internet Users has applied to be an ALS in NARALO.  They are brand new 
> organization and as such they have not done any events but seems to be 
> a very promising organization and they seem to be committed to 
> supporting the concerns of individual Internet users' and we think 
> would make a good addition to NARALO. The organization is chaired for 
> by John Laprise a NARALO member.  The ALS criteria team is still 
> working on creating new criteria for ALSes and also on what will be 
> required so we are still using the old process. This application and 
> the due diligence that was conducted were done under the old process 
> and the old criteria.
> I have attached this application to you for your review. I would 
> appreciate it everyone could review this document and send me any 
> comments or thoughts on this new ALS by August 19.  When you write me, 
> please state the ALS you are representing and if you support or oppose 
> the addition of the Association of Internet Users to become an ALS in 
> NARALO.   I look forward to hearing from you.
> Best,
> Judith Hellerstein
> NARALO Secretary
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