[NA-Discuss] Seeking Regional Advice on the application of a new ALS The Association of Internet Users

Judith Hellerstein judith at jhellerstein.com
Mon Aug 8 17:19:45 UTC 2016

HI All,

We are seeking Regional Advice for a new ALS, The Association of Internet Users 
has applied to be an ALS in NARALO.  They are brand new organization and as such 
they have not done any events but seems to be a very promising organization and 
they seem to be committed to supporting the concerns of individual Internet 
users' and we think would make a good addition to NARALO. The organization is 
chaired for by John Laprise a NARALO member.  The ALS criteria team is still 
working on creating new criteria for ALSes and also on what will be required so 
we are still using the old process. This application and the due diligence that 
was conducted were done under the old process and the old criteria.

I have attached this application to you for your review. I would appreciate it 
everyone could review this document and send me any comments or thoughts on this 
new ALS by August 19.  When you write me, please state the ALS you are 
representing and if you support or oppose the addition of the Association of 
Internet Users to become an ALS in NARALO.   I look forward to hearing from you.

Judith Hellerstein
NARALO Secretary

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