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Hi Janice.

One difficulty of the spreadsheet is that ICANN's geographic slicing and
dicing of the world is not the same as the UN's. According to ICANN's
geographical regions, territories are grouped under the region of each
territory's "mother country". (see http://meetings.icann.org/regions)

So while the Virgin Islands are located in the Caribbean, according to
ICANN the British Virgin Islands are in the European region and the US
Virgin Islands are in North America.

What this means is that within ICANN's regional groupings,

   American  Samoa
   Federated State of Micronesia
   Marshall Islands

are part of the North American Region and not Oceania or Asia/Pacific. That
is, At-Large Structures that are located in these locations are, according
to ICANN, under NARALO. This is a regional allocation which is, I believe,
unique to ICANN, but needs to be maintained nonetheless.


On 19 March 2015 at 23:47, Janice Douma Lange <janice.lange at icann.org>

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>    Subject: Re: ICANN Fellowship and US Terrritories
>    Hi Glenn and all..
>    Over the past few years it has been my pleasure to work with you and
>    others in At Large on these worthy initiatives towards broader
>    engagement with communities that seem to be not as accessible to ICANN
>    or ICANN accessible to them as other nations.
>    In this particular case, as Save has already pointed out, each of the
>    nations that you have noted are eligible for the Fellowship Program, as
>    we use both the World Economic Bank and the SIDN UN listing and they
>    all fall under that criteria.
>    I have attached the most recent list of eligible countries for the
>    Fellowship program; I check our application list against the World Bank
>    and SIDN list prior to each Fellowship application launch to make sure
>    a country has not been added or taken off the list before the new
>    application goes live.
>    Hope this is what you were looking for, although a trip to any of the
>    islands would be grand :)
>    janice
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>    Subject: ICANN Fellowship and US Terrritories
>    Hi Janice
>    I hope all is well
>    In the past  under  Garth's leadership we have tried to reach out to
>    the  US territories for  their  involvement with ICANN.  ie. NARALO
>    In research we discovered that these  US  terrioritories  live in a
>    limbo situation with regards to their  political status.  On one hand
>    they are US  territory but the citizens  do not have  the right to
>    vote.  My concern is that they according to the  UN  research exist in
>    a situation that  places them as  US property but they have income
>    similar to least  developed states
>    [10]https://sustainabledevelopment.un.org/index.php?menu=1523
>    The  list  from  UN Listing of  Small Island Developing Nations
>    American  Samoa
>    Federated State of Micronesia
>    Guam
>    Marianas
>    Marshall Islands
>    These  five locations  have unique  Internet access issues. Among of
>    which is some of the most expensive  Internet  service  rates.
>    My understanding is that these  locations  do not qualify for an
>    application to the ICANN Fellowship program due to their  US
>    affiliation despite their  low per capita income,  Is this correct?
>    Can you please provide us with clarification on this  issue.   What is
>    the process of rectifying this situation.
>    Happy to chat about this.  ( not looking for a trip to the islands
>    [cid:330 at goomoji.gmail] )
>    Thanks
>    Glenn
>    Glenn McKnight
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>    .
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