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Thank you Anthony, no worries. Take care of yourself first. 


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Hi Everyone,


Just wanted to let you all know that I am currently on a leave for at least another month due to my wife's health, and we both just got over a really bad flu.


I have received word that some people are concerned that I have been absent and have been actively seeking a replacement.  I have no concern with this, and should there be a decision to request me to step away I will do so.  


I will be back in action in July, unless I am asked to do otherwise.  


Kindest regards,



Anthony Niiganii
Executive Director
Manitoba E-Association

210-1600 Kenaston Boulevard, Suite #318 

Winnipeg, Manitoba 

R3P 0Y4

Web: mb.e-association.ca

Email: aniiganii at mb.e-association.ca

BB PIN: 2B060C22

Phone:  (204) 771-0200


"New technology is changing the way we can film. It's enabling us to get fresh new images and tell brand new stories.”" — Karen Bass

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