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or We could wait til the next year and hold the GA along with the NA ICANN meeting.
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Although I think that this is a great idea and has the potential for
getting a lot of out NARALO members more informed and possibly
involved with ARIN, there are considerations that may make it difficult.

- The ARIN meeting is on Thursday, October 8 and Friday, October 9.
That is just a few days before the start of the pre-ICANN events for
ICANN 54 in Dublin (and since this is an Annual General Meeting of
ICANN, there tend to be more activities in the week preceding the
formal meeting (October 17-23). It would be difficult to have support
from At-Large Staff and Constituency Travel.

- Two other regions have already indicated that they plan to request
a General Assembly (EURALO and AFRALO), so a third one may be a bit
of a hard sell in one budget year. Although potentially the NA GA
could be funded in lieu of another region, the timing above makes
that less likely.

- Glenn's note proposes to hold the GA "during" the ARIN meeting. Is
that really what was meant? If the meetings overlap, doesn't that
negate the benefit of holding the two meetings in the same location?
I presumed that the intent was to hold the GA immediately before or
after the ARIN meetings.

That being said, if NARALO does make this request, there will need to
be clarity on:

- Will you bring the ALS reps in for just the GA, or the ARIN meeting as well?
- If the latter, this will need the agreement of ARIN that they can
accommodate the additional people.
- If you are expecting funding from ARIN, that will need to be
clarified as well.
- You will need to clearly state what the intent of the GA is, and
what are the expected outcomes.
- In light of the close proximity to the Dublin meeting, it will make
a difference whether you are proposing to have the GA before or after
the ARIN meeting.


At 23/01/2015 12:54 PM, Glenn McKnight wrote:
>Hi Folks
>It's  this time for the ALAC  Finance and Budget submission  and  the
>deadline is  February 4th, 2015
>One of the ideas  that has  merit is a proposal  to do a  NARALO  General
>Assembly.     This  assembly could be scheduled  during the ARIN meetings
>in Montreal during  early October.    This  will be the first NARALO
>General Assembly and also it's  been 16 months  since  ATLAS 2.  This
>meeting is an Inreach meeting to build capacity.  The session would also
>be  streamed to permit members who could not make the sessions
>This  request would be off season so it would be reasonable and North
>American travel to Montreal isn't that expense including the two ALS''s
>from PR.
>Please comment on this idea  to warrant  a submission
>Thanks all
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>twitter gmcknight
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