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It's as bad as it seems. Everything is running like molasses here. It's been impossible to get anything done, we've basically had a blizzard every week this month. There is nowhere to put the snow. I will send some pictures when I have a chance.

Sure, other parts of the country routinely get more snow, but this is a major urban area where the roads and trains are completely shut for entire days by this. People are rolling into work 2 or 3 hours late and not getting home until 8pm

Everyone has damage, we have 3 major leaks in our roof, there's no chance of them getting fixed for months.

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I was thinking of  Garth Bruen today while  watching PBS  and today they
said that   Boston got  100 feet of snow already this year.

Evan and I live on the north shore of Lake Ontario and we got maybe 2 or  3
feet of snow all year.
Garth   good luck on digging out,  perhaps by spring!


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