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The United States is an Oligarchy, not a democracy or a republic. Since 1976 billionaires have owned the american system via the silent coup called buckley v valeo, a supreme court case which handed the system to the ultra-wealthy who went on to own puppet politicians and the authorities, which predictably led to rounding up poor people via broken windows theory and comp stat policing. The united states is still an oligarchy today, and the billionaire owned media tries desperately to brainwash americans into believing they live in a democracy or a republic. Learn about how oligarchies function, and that will help you change the system back to a democracy/republic. Before 1976 american elections involved the people voting for electors to represent the candidates for president, now elections are a ritual, and billionaires are the electors, voted for with how americans spend their money. But billionaires are not by default good at economics or leadership or
 politics, so there is no good reason why billionaires should be the defacto federal electors in the USA. Buckley v Valeo is the reason why America has become a shell of itself since the Vietnam War, oligarchies are bad leaders using their wealth and media ownership to maintain power for themselves, they care about nothing else and will only pay lip service to those who want to change things without also calling America what it is, an Oligarchy.

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