[NA-Discuss] NARALO Chairs Report from Buenos Aires and Beyond

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Tue Aug 4 15:46:39 UTC 2015

Hello all,

Please review the preliminary agenda for the August NARALO 

On an informal call of NARALO officers, the topic of CROPP came up. 
CROPP is going to be discussed in detail on Monday's call, especially 
the strategic plan. As CROPP becomes more important, properly staffing 
the CROPP committee will be equally important. Selection and 
re-appointment of CROPP representatives should be brought in line with 
the selection of other critical posts. We will be examining how CROPP 
representatives are selected and replaced going forward and calling for 
expressions of interests.

Please review the recently updated monthly reports: 

This a summary of some of the activities from the ICANN53 Meeting
(also see: 

* Sub-Regional Meeting Proposed in NYC: The idea is to have 
mini-regional, informal meetings in locations accessible to a number of 
members - possibly New York City in September.

* Comparing ATLAS II Objectives with At-Large CWG Work:

* Submitting material to the NARALO Newsletter: Thanks to Eduardo Diaz 
we have the first ever NARALO Newsletter! Tell us what YOU are doing.

* Recommendations for ICANN's Auction Surplus/High Interest Topic 
Session: The Chair served on this panel and recommended that use of 
these funds follow ICANN's mandate and focus on areas where the 
organization may be failing in the mandate: 

* Conflict of Interest within the ICANN Structure

Thanks, Garth

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