[NA-Discuss] PLEASE IGNORE - LUNCH - 1:10 PM

Garth Bruen gbruen at knujon.com
Mon Nov 10 19:46:08 UTC 2014

But  I was so hungry...

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Subject: PLEASE IGNORE - LUNCH - 1:10 PM

Dear All,

Please ignore this email. My iPhone seems to be sending old emails and/or

Thank you.
Kind regards,

On 10/11/2014 18:35, "Gisella Gruber" <Gisella.Gruber at icann.org> wrote:

>Dear All
>Lunch is kindly sponsored by PIR.
>Afilias was last night
>Thank you
>Kind regards
>> On 22 Jun 2014, at 10:42, "Garth Bruen" <gbruen at knujon.com> wrote:
>> Provided by Afilias!
>> Meeting point at 13h10 - after our morning session - Hotel Hilton 
>>Metropole  EAST WING lobby (by check-in/reception and NOT on the 
>>registration side
>> Check in with me and let me know how everything is going and if you 
>> are having any problems!!!
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