[NA-Discuss] Manitoba E Association ALS Application

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Mon May 19 13:53:24 UTC 2014

I fully support this application

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We  recently received  the  Manitoba  E Association application to become a

Manitoba  E Association has its  roots in the  CAP program and
Telecommunities Canada which many of our NARALO members  have their origins
 Despite  the federal government cutbacks to this program  the organization
continues  to be active and a viable group outreaching  especially to the
First Nations through their Summer  Internship program.   They are an
active  organization with good  addition to the NARALO  family of  ALS's
 Given our  outreach  efforts to Canada and the  US  to the  first  nations
I believe their  active  involvement will be  a real asset to building a
 stronger  RALO.

I endorse this  application.

Glenn McKnight
NARALO Secretariat
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