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Yes, will add

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On today's agenda, perhaps?

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Dear All,

In preparation for the ATLAS II Summit, the ATLAS II PR WG has asked for the following confirmation:
a) If you wish to have pop-up banners for the ALAC and At-Large for use at the ATLAS II and beyond (i.e., not only ATLAS II).
b)  What slogan you would like to include on the two banners, IF you decide to have both banners.
As reference, see the RALO banners which are being worked on. They are in the RALO colours with Slogans chosen by each RALO. The format should be similar in order to have all the RALOs, ALAC and At-Large consistent in look.
The ALAC colour is purple but please confirm whether you wish to have this colouring. We will share the designs with you!

We need to have these pop up banners printed ASAP so please join the ALT call this week (Doodle still open) to finalise them and in the meantime, please send through slogan suggestions.

Thank you.
Kind regards,

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