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*ICANN  49*
Quick  report on a few items  and links to specific  items

As a whole the  ICANN 49 Singapore was a huge success from the  ALAC
 perspective given the decision of  the NTIA and  the final realization
that  ALAC  generated policies have been very constructive and relevant,
especially now since  ICANN needs the face of the global community.  The
solidarity of the ALAC  community the  effectiveness of it's leadership has
reduced but it will never eliminate some misinformed opinions of ALAC

NARALO continues  to amaze the community, feedback from  friends at
 Afilias  they were amazed on the  ALAC  representative  Murray McKercher
 to the .MOBI    His life work with Bell Canada is a real tangible

The hard work by Alan Greenberg and  Evan Leibovitch on policy  especially
PIC , although given a cold shoulder at first by the  Board  resulted in
support from GAC.  Another example  of the tangible policy contribution to
ICANN mutlistakeholderism

Garth and myself who spear headed the Accessibility Working group with
Chris Modini moved rapidly from idea to implementation, report below.

Edwardo has been tireless in the  ATLAS  2 meetings and despite  getting
some heat on the lack of content, they are moving methodologically in
populating the site for information.  He has championed a  action item
tracking system.  Worth looking into his efforts.

Louis  Houle  was locked away most of the time with the Nomcom  committee
doing their magic.  This  nomcom has had no controversy as compared to past
ones.  No news is good news from these people

In the midst of the ICANN meetings  we wrapped up the election with a
strong  representation by Allan and Evan.  Despite their loss they showed
their true professionalism and took the election results as democracy in
action.  Rinala  was the victor  for Seat 15 which is a positive addition
to the ICANN board

It was the NARALO team that pushed for a  First Nations  fellowship and
ICANN's response with to create a  new  Mentoring  program and our first
 participant with Anthony Niiganii and  Edwuardo was the Naralo  Mentor.
( Perhaps  Eduardo can provide a report next month)
Here is his  presentation at the Board  General Assembly   Also  at the
NARALO monthly meeting   Tony presented details on his ALS

Kudos to Avri and her contributions

We have  been asking the delegates to record their daily meetings in the
 WIKI  workspace.  Details are available

1.  Pictures of Events
2.  Accessibility Working Group Meeting
3. ATLAS 2 Fayre of Opportunities

*Item One  Pictures *
Here is the list of the  pictures from the  ICANN 49
Day  1
Day  2

Day 3 and 4

ISOC  Delegate meeting

APRALO  Showcase

Day 5

*Item Two:  Atlas 2  Fayre of Opportunities*
The planning of the event is  still at the mercy of the sponsors  which has
been slow.  I made an outreach on behalf of the committee to Microsoft and
Samsung.  We also found out the  the  rock star speaker  wanted a six
figure speaking fee.  Time to look for an alternative.  We can get a short
 remote speech from Vent  Cerf
Our room is confirmed and work has been assigned to the  delegates to
provide person power at the  table tops at the event.  We will be having
new banners according  to Heidi

*Item Three;  Accessibility Working Group*
Amazing speed has been shown by ICANN and thanks to VP  Chris Modini and
his staff in supporting this initiative.  In fact the  ecosystem from ISOC,
Osbudman, GNSO, ALAC, GAC and the business community has expressed
unanimous support for our strategy crafted by Gunela  Astbrink( ISOC-AU)

Here is the video I shot of the summary of the strategy
To get involved visit the WG  page on the WIKI

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