[NA-Discuss] NARALO ALS Outreach and Recruitment Efforts

Joly MacFie joly at punkcast.com
Thu Mar 13 18:26:44 UTC 2014

Garth, you are doing good work!

I did mention govlab earlier, here in NYC. The contact, I imagine, is Beth
Noveck. I was speaking with Joe Catapano earlier in the week and he
mentioned that he was already in touch with them, and is planning to
collaborate on a roundtable event.


         Garth Bruen
<https://community.icann.org/display/~garth.bruen>edited the page:
    *NARALO ALS Outreach and Recruitment Efforts*

 Had phone call. Application pending.   Group Name Website Letter Email Phone
Call Meeting By Response  *American Indian College Fund* collegefund.org
1/14/2014 2/6/2014     GB    *Tor Project* torproject.org   2/1/2014
1/6/2014 GB In discussion  *Free Software Foundation, Inc.* fsf.org
1/14/2014 2/6/2014     GB    *Visually Impaired and Blind User Group*
vibug.org 1/14/2014 2/6/2014 2/7/2014 2/8/2014 GB Application
submitted  *Public
Insight Network(APM)* publicinsightnetwork.org 1/14/2014 2/6/2014     GB

*Association of Information Technology Professionals*
 aitp.org 1/14/2014 2/6/2014     GB    *National Network to End Domestic
Violence* nnedv.org 1/15/2014       GB

*New England ADA Center/Institute for Human Centered Design*
 adaptenv.org 1/15/2014 2/14/2014     GB

*Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network (RAINN)*
 rainn.org 1/15/2014       GB    *Web Accessibility in Mind* webaim.org
1/15/2014 2/17/2014     GB    *American Samoa Community College* amsamoa.edu
1/16/2014 2/17/2014     GB Application pending  *Electronic Frontier
Foundation* eff.org 1/16/2014 2/17/2014     GB    *ConsumersUnion*
consumersunion.org 2/17/2014       GB

*Better Business Bureau*
 bbb,org 1/16/2014 2/1/2014 1/23/2014   GB Slight delay, our contact left
the organization for a new job.

*Maine Cyber Security Cluster*
 mcsc.usm.maine.edu 1/16/2014       GB

*Little Shell Chippewa Tribe*




*Public Interest Advocacy Center/Centre pour la défence de l'intérêt public*
 piac at piac.ca 1/16/2014       LH

*Centre facilitant la recherche et*

*l'innovation dans les organisations - CEFRIO*
 cefrio.qc.ca 1/17/2014 yes     LH    *Wikimedia-NY* nyc.wikimedia.org
1/18/2014 3/11/2014     TL/GB    *Internet Society Disability and Special
Needs Chapter* isocdisab.org 1/18/2014   1/27/2014 (GB)   GB/GM Application
submitted  *African-American Women in Technology organization (AAWIT)*
aawit.net 1/18/2014 3/11/2014     GB    * National Sexual Violence Resource
Center* nsvrc.org 1/18/2014   2/7/2014   GB Phone follow up, they are going
to discuss At-Large at their next board meeting  *Blind Canadians*
blindcanadians.ca 1/21/2014       GB/GM    *Open Media Canada* openmedia.ca
1/21/2014 3/11/2014 2/25/2014   GB/GM Application submitted  *Online News
Association* journalists.org 1/21/2014 3/11/2014     GB Following up, phone
call pending  *American Foundation for the Blind* afb.org 1/21/2014       GB
   *Centre de recherche informatique de Montreal - CRIM* crim.ca 1/20/2014
Yes     LH    *Instituto de Ingenieros de Computadoras* iicom.ciapr.org
Yes Yes 9/10/13 ED Interested but need to get the final OK from the
Institution. I F/U at least once a month.  *American Association of Retired
Persons (AARP)* aarp.org 1/23/2014       GB    *Human Rights Internet*
hri.ca 1/26/2014       GM/GB    *Canadian Association of the Deaf* cad.ca
1/26/2014       GM/GB    *Human Rights Watch* hrw.org 1/26/2014       GB

 owasp.org 1/27/2014       GB Face-to-face meeting pending  *Black Hat*
blackhat.com 1/27/2014     2/26/2014 GB Met at RSA, will have follow up

*Vision Maker Media*
 nativetelecom.org 1/28/2014       GB    *TribalNet* tribalnetonline.com
1/28/2014       GB

 *National Indian Telecommunications Institute*
    1/28/2014         GB  Postal mail returned, domain deleted.  *C
<http://www.consumerscouncil.com/>onsumer Council of Canada*
consumerscouncil.com 1/29/2014       GM/GB    *National Technical
Association, Inc.* ntaonline.org 1/29/2014       GB

*Knowledge Ecology International*
 keionline.org 1/30/2014       GB

*National Consumers League*
 natlconsumersleague.org 1/30/2014       GB    *Native Public Media*
nativepublicmedia.org 1/30/2014       GB Application submitted  *Southern
Cherokee Nation of Kentucky* southerncherokeenationky.com 1/30/2014       GB

*Palau Community College*
 pcc.palau.edu 1/30/2014       GB    *Open Technology Institute*
oti.newamerica.net 2/1/2014       GB    *Internet Merchants Association*
imamerchants.org 2/2/2014       GB    *Archive.org* archive.org 2/3/2014
  GB    *Digital Copyright Canada/Flora Community Consulting*
digital-copyright.ca 2/3/2014       GM/GB    *The Wireless Innovation Forum*
wirelessinnovation.org 2/3/2014       GB    *Telecommunication And Distance
Education Operation (TADEO)*
uog.edu/professional-international-programs/tadeo-peacesat 2/3/2014       GB
   *Survival International USA* survivalinternational.org 2/3/2014       GB
   *Association for Computing Machinery Student Chapter*
orgsync.com/36260/chapter 2/3/2014       GB    *Center for Technology
Innovation* brookings.edu/about/centers/techinnovation/about 2/3/2014

*Indian Health Service Tele-education Coordinator*
 graduate.asu.edu/student/A_George 2/5/2014       GB    *Reporters Without
Borders U.S.* en.rsf.org 2/17/2014       GB    *Copyright Alliance*
copyrightalliance.org 3/3/2014       GB    *Internet Scambusters*
Scambusters.org 3/3/2014       GB    *DemocracyInAction*
democracyinaction.org 3/3/2014       GB    *Teachers without borders*
teacherswithoutborders.org 3/3/2014       GB

*The Coalition Against Domain Name Abuse*
 cadna.org 3/3/2014       GB    *.boston* boston.com 3/11/2014       GB/TL

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