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The easiest explanation is that it is directly above the hotel bar. This is
the Mezzanine level on the hotel side of the hotel, not the conference side.
There are a few ways to get here: The silver elevators that go to the East
wing of the hotel will take you to the Mezzanine. The stairs and elevator
that take us down to Windsor will take you up to Park.

Meeting starts at 11:00. I know some of you may be at the newcomers, which
is important. Our NARALO meeting is probably more important since it is not

This is a two-hour meeting. The first hour is NARALO business. The second
hour is for BIG IDEAS. If you can only make part of the meeting choose


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Subject: NARALO General Assembly - Tuesday 11AM UTC Park Suite

Hello NARALO'ers,

Folks, this our critical in-person meeting in London. It is our RARE chance
to meet all at once in the same place. While everyone is busy. We are going
to give priority to our At-Large Structures (especially NEW ALSes), but
anyone attending the ICANN meeting who is from North America is welcome to
attend and speak their mind. 

If you are a first-time attendee from NARALO it is CRITICAL you come,
especially so you can meet our At-Large staff members who coordinate our
efforts. I personally want to make sure everyone is getting everything they
have been promised or expect. If you have any travel-related or logistical
issues I want to know. 

This is a session about BIG IDEAS, YOUR big ideas. We have enough discussion
directed from the top, this is your time. 


For those not here there is also remote participation and recordings for
archive (Note: we are 5 Hours ahead of ET/8 hours ahead of PT, which is
pretty darn early for most of you). 



Garth Bruen
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“If history is deprived of the Truth, we are left with nothing but an idle,
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