[NA-Discuss] New ALS Application for NARALO Online News Association

Glenn McKnight mcknight.glenn at gmail.com
Sat Jun 21 11:53:22 UTC 2014

New  ALS  Application from *Online News Association*

This is another example of excellent outreach by Garth to the media hubs in
the US. According to their application the report they have 1,708 in the
professional class, 245 students, 283 journalism instructors, and 105
associate members. According to their application their mission is ...
Inspiring innovation and excellence among digital journalists to better
serve the public.
This means they have paid dues from 2,300 members
To learn more visit http://journalists.org/
Since we are striving to engage the media and social media in particular we
have an opportunity to engage this community and help disseminate our
important message to the wider community.

I recommend to the NARALO community to review their website and acknowledge
their importance and endorse their application
Thank you

Glenn McKnight
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