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Hi all,

Your CROPP team has received the below application from Glenn McKnight.  If
there are no objections, we will be recommending it.  Please post any
question/comments/objections to the NARALO list for discussion.  This must
be done fairly quickly as this conference is coming right up.

Thank you,


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 Hi Dev,

This application seems to be OK. They have to know that the report after
the trip should include the results which should be close (if not equal) to
the expectations mentioned in the application.


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Dear all,

NARALO has submitted a third trip proposal to the CROPP RT. I note the
travel time is in march so time would be of the essence for us to review
and comment

Kind regards

Dev Anand

(Sent via phone)

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From: <admin at ttcsweb.org>
Date: Thursday, January 16, 2014
Subject: Travel Request submitted via Google Form
To: admin at ttcsweb.org

Timestamp :: 16/01/2014 20:14:10

Number of Travellers for Trip Proposal :: -1

Trip Proposal is from which RALO? :: NARALO (North American Regional
At-Large Organisation)

Specify Traveller's Names and Email addresses on each line :: Glenn McKnight
mcknight.glenn at gmail.com

Specify Alternate Traveler's Name and Email addresses on each line  :: Evan
evan at telly.org

Departure Date of Requested Travel  :: 12/03/2014

Return Date of Requested Travel :: 15/03/2014

For each traveller, specify the City and Country where the travellers is
leaving from  :: Glenn McKnight
Depart  Oshawa, Ontario Canada

Evan Leibovitch
Depart  Toronto, Ontario Canada

Specify the destination city and country where the travellers are going to
:: Washington, DC

Event/Conference Name, Title, or Description :: NTEN 2014

Event/Conference Website Link :: http://www.nten.org/ntc

Primary Event/Conference Location: :: Washington Marriott Wardman Park,
2660 Woodley Rd NW
Washington, DC 20008

Please identify the Activity Sponsors :: No sponsors  are listed on website

This is  a  Non Profit  Technology Sector event it's not a commerical venue
it's dedicated to raising the educational awareness of those who run
not-for-profit organizations

What is the purpose of the trip? :: The  large number of  potential  NARALO
 ALS  will  be attending.  Special attention will be to organizations
 dealing with the disabled and Native American/Canadian organizations.
The purpose is to raise awareness of ICANN amongst the delegates by
distributing  NARALO literature, recruit  new  ALS and document the
conference in photos and blog postings

I have confirmation  on January 16th  that  a scholarship is offered to me
to attend the waiving the  registration fees.

What are the goals for the trip :: The  ICANN regional engagement strategy
is to reach to the under represented communities   The  national conference
will  have  regions of the US  that are underserved ie. Maine, Montana and
elsewhere where civic engagement is important given their high bandwidth
cost and low speeds
My participation will impact these  members by asking them to get involved
with the ICANN  Ecosystem

Please identify proposed outcomes: :: Number of people met
Number of brochures  distributed
Number of potential  ALS  shortlisted
Pictures and blog posts to the NTEN  newsletter

Any other information about the proposed trip that would be useful to the
CROPP Review Team or for ICANN :: As mentioned the  scholarship from the
organizers  covers the event permitting myself the opportunity to engage
the community.
This is the most important non profit  technology sector  event for the

By checking the box below, RALO leaders and Outreach members from the
region have read and understood the terms and obligations for the At-Large
Travel requests at https://community.icann.org/x/zC6fAg :: I have read and
understood the terms and obligations at https://community.icann.org/x/zC6fAg


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