[NA-Discuss] FBSC Meeting Report

Darlene Thompson thompson.darlene at gmail.com
Tue Jan 14 15:13:16 UTC 2014

Allan Skuce and I just got done with the FBSC meeting and here is my report
on it.  Allan, please feel free to add to this.


Congrats NARALO - we are, so far, the only RALO to get any requests in.
 Yesterday in our meeting someone asked why some of Chris's questions were
not in the forms.  Seeing that we are the first to put in applications, its
in my mind that we are kind of guinea pigs and they are refining the system
as per what we are going through.

However, since it takes about 2 months for one of these proposals to go
through, we need to figure out how to utilize our final 2 (possibly 3)
CROPP slots and we need  to get on this ASAP.  Any ideas would be welcome
and should be posted to the list for further discussion.

*BUDGET FOR 2015/2016*

Although the forms say that the deadline for having our budget request in
is March 7, 2014, it is actually March 1, 2014.  They are encouraging
everybody to have their requests in ASAP so that they are not having to
review 5 region's requests all at once.  So, we need to put our thinking
caps on NOW as to what we would like to request.  Apparently the forms
haven't changed much, if at all, from last year.

Here's the glitch.  We have no idea if CROPP will be continued for next
year or not so should we be requesting travel or not.  It was the feeling
of the group to put in travel requests in our main budget request just in
case they do not continue CROPP.  If they continue CROPP, great, and those
items can be dropped from our budget request.  If we don't ask and they
don't have CROPP then we lose out completely.

They are also asking for each region to put in no more than 4 requests but
I can't see this being a problem for NARALO because I don't think we have
ever put in more than 3.


They are looking at recording many more of the meetings with audio context
to be used as an additional outreach tool.


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