[NA-Discuss] A Note on NARALO Monthly Reports

Garth Bruen gbruen at knujon.com
Mon Feb 17 17:16:53 UTC 2014

Hello NARALOers (-ites),

A comment was made on last Monday's call that the monthly reports do not
reflect all the work the region does. This is something I am aggressively
trying to correct! The reports are for everyone, it is how we inform the
ICANN community about what we are doing and I invite you all to submit
reports or edit the report page directly. Everyone in NARALO should have
access to edit the report page, if not tell me or At-Large staff. 

The current year is located here:

Reports are posted monthly, you will note that there is an outline for the
current month and no content. Scroll down to January to see how the previous
month was filled-in. I have restructured the report format to reflect the
format of our call agenda - this will help us track our goals and success of
our efforts over time. 

There are four areas where you can add reports:

* Meetings and Events Reports: If you have attended ANY Internet policy
meetings in person or through teleconference (other than standard NARALO
calls) enter it here. Provide a link to the event if possible.

* Outreach Activities: Note any outreach/recruitment activities here or
updates to activities. In general the status of these efforts will also be
included here:
nt+Efforts, but be sure to highlight important actions you want everyone to
be aware of.

* Community Activities: This is work in your OWN area or ALS. If your ALS
already publishes reports, just put the link in here. If the report location
is the same month after month, just note that and I will keep copying the
link in successive months. 

* Committee/Working Group Reports: This is chartered work within ICANN. Many
of these groups require reporting. Are you a member or chair of a group? Put
the link to their reports here or comment on notable events. 

To update the page use the "Edit" button at the top. Do your edits quickly
as others may try to be editing too. Put your initials next to anything you
have added and click "Save" at the bottom to close it. If you leave it open
too long it will probably time out and disconnect you and you will lose any
changes. If you need help with editing the Confluence Wiki pages contact me,
Glenn or At-Large staff. You can also email me or Glenn any reports (brief
paragraphs or links preferred!). 




Garth Bruen
gbruen at knujon.com
Chair of ICANN At-Large North America (naralo.org)
Twitter: @Knujon
Skype: gobruen

"If history is deprived of the Truth, we are left with nothing but an idle,
unprofitable tale" -Polybius

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