[NA-Discuss] On special election for the election of our board seat

Alan Greenberg alan.greenberg at mcgill.ca
Thu Feb 13 17:20:42 UTC 2014

Garth, there is one other peripherally related issue. The ALAC RoP 
are explicit in that ALAC members (or there replacements) MUST vote 
as they see best (Section 19.10.4: ALAC Members, or any individual 
selected to replace an ALAC Member for the purposes of the vote, are 
encouraged to consult with the RALO from their region, but voting 
will however be undirected and votes must be cast in the best 
interests of At-Large, the ALAC and ICANN).

The rule regarding the Chair's vote is different. Section 19.10.3: If 
a vote of a RALO Chair is to be directed by RALO membership, that
decision and the nature of the direction require vote(s) of the RALO 
according to its rules.

Last time, the decision of the RALO was to have the Chair conduct a 
straw poll of the membership, but not to bind the Chair in how he 
voted. Such a decision this time could be made by consensus as per 
normal NARALO processes. If the decision is to direct the Chair's 
vote, this would require a formal vote, and how to vote (perhpas 
multiple times, or an ordered list) would require a formal vote of 
the members as well.

NOTE that you made reference to 27.7. That is a reference to the old 
Rules of Procedure which are no longer in force. The new ones that we 
are using can be found at 
https://community.icann.org/display/atlarge/Rules+of+Procedure and 
the applicable section is 19.

I do not know when the first vote is scheduled, so you should 
probably check with Tijani who leads the group responsible for 
overseeing the selection to know what time constraints that you are under.


At 13/02/2014 11:14 AM, Garth Bruen wrote:
>Hello NARALO'ers (-ites?),
>There was a brief discussion on Monday's call about a pending election. I
>realize the discussion and issue is very confusing so I will hope to sort it
>The ICANN Board of Directors has one seat for an At-Large representative
>("Seat #15"). The term of our current Board member ends this year. This
>person is voted on by leadership in the At-Large Advisory Council (ALAC) and
>the five (5) RALO chairs under rule #27.7.
>Current Board is here: http://www.icann.org/en/groups/board
>ALAC members running for the Board may NOT vote in the election. This means
>a proxy voter must be selected  and affirmed by a vote under rule # 19.10.1.
>The vote is a requirement, but how the alternate voters are selected is not
>Two of our ALAC members: Alan Greenberg and Evan Leibovitch, are both
>running for seat #15 so we need TWO replacement voters from NARALO.
>Since I am the Chair and I am already voting. I cannot have second vote.
>These are some of my sugestions for selecting alternative voters:
>1. Assign the votes to our two other leadership positions: Louis Houle
>(NOMCOM) and Glenn McKnight (Secretary)
>2. Select two (2) alternate voting candidates though a VOTE from ALL of the
>NARALO ALS operators, excluding the ALAC reps and NARALO Chair - affirm two
>alternates by vote.
>3. Select two (2) alternate voting candidates RANDOMLY from ALL of the
>NARALO ALS operators, excluding the ALAC reps and NARALO Chair - affirm two
>alternates by vote.
>I will entertain other suggestions.
>To be clear, there are several "votes" involved here:
>A) Potential vote for method of selecting alternative seat #15 voters (vote
>not required, can be done through consensus)
>B) An official vote for two (2) alternate seat #15 voters (ALL ALS
>representatives vote in this process)
>C) A vote for the Board seat #15 representative (Voting by Eduardo Diaz -
>ALAC, Garth Bruen - Chair, Alternate #1, Alternate #2)
>There are many who would prefer that we select a Board representative
>through a vote by ALL ALSes or ALL At-Large particiapants, but that is a
>separate discussion.
>Thanks, Garth
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