[NA-Discuss] CALL FOR CONSENSUS: Leave of Absence (as discussed on NARALO call Monday)

Garth Graham garth.graham at telus.net
Thu Dec 11 15:01:46 UTC 2014

Agreed on NARALO temporary leadership motion

Garth Graham
Telecommunities Canada


On 2014-12-10, at 9:33 AM, Alan Greenberg wrote:

> Your absence will be felt but I am sure that all of NARALO wishes you well.
> As I noted on the NARALO call on Monday, to take effect, we do need the formal approval of NARALO. To avoid taking a vote, we need the e-mail the approval of at least 16 ALSes.
> In voicing your support, please give the name of the ALS which you represent.
> Alan (speaking as the NARALO "rules guy")

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