[NA-Discuss] Concerning a TLD-wide Privacy Policy

Houle Louis Louis.Houle at isocquebec.org
Sat Sep 14 21:17:33 UTC 2013

Hi Tom,

PointQuebec is in the process of refining it's rules and policies for 
the GeoTLD ".Quebec" to come. Since ISOC Quebec is supporting 
PointQuebec, we will participate and help them on policy issues, 
including transparency. Any input on a TLD-wide privacy policy from ISOC 
(or Chapters) would be helpfull. On the other hand, ISOC Quebec will be 
glad to share views and information on this important issue.

Louis Houle
La Société Internet du Québec (ISOC Québec)
Louis.Houle at isocquebec.org

Le 2013-09-09 16:44, Thomas Lowenhaupt a écrit :
> Everyone/Anyone,
> I was thinking about the prospect of a TLD-wide privacy policy. This 
> would involve requiring name purchasers to indicate via a check box 
> that "I agree to abide by the privacy protection policies set by the 
> XYZ TLD. See details here."
> My thinking is that there might be some advantage to requiring some 
> transparency in privacy policy. Not necessarily requiring any 
> particular level of transparency, but merely making the type of 
> privacy (if any) obvious to the user.
> Is this done anywhere now? Is it practicable for a city-TLD such as .nyc?
> Your thoughts appreciated.
> Thomas Lowenhaupt, Director
> Connecting.nyc Inc.
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