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The latest draft ATLASII survey is located here:

There is going to be a conference call of the ATLAS II Survey group next
week to ratify whatever document is ready. I suggest that the Capacity
Building coordinates with Wolf Ludwig, chair of the ATLAS II  to
incorporate the CB survey changes into the ATLAS II survey. Maybe this was
mentioned in the meeting but I just want to make sure that we are all in

Thanks you again for an excellent report.


On Thu, Sep 12, 2013 at 3:16 PM, Thompson, Darlene <DThompson1 at gov.nu.ca>wrote:

> Hi all,
> We’ve just finished a Capacity Building Working Group conference call and
> here is what we discussed.  Please feel free to comment.
> Survey
> It was discussed as to whether the Capacity Building (CB) survey should go
> out separately from the ATLASII survey since the CB survey is rather long.
>  However, both surveys are urgent.  Some felt (as I did) that this would be
> confusing to the ALSs – being hit with two surveys almost simultaneously –
> and that the response rate would suffer.  It was decided that the CB survey
> be shortened and then combined with the ATLASII survey in order to prevent
> this.  This should be finalized by the end of next week.
> It will be mandatory for each ALS that wishes to go to the Summit to
> complete this survey.
> Capacity Building for the Summit
> We need to provide periodic learning modules to the ALSs in preparation
> for the Summit and also to respond to specific needs for specific
> programs/needs.  We still must decide on the frequency of the modules
> coming out.
> We will use all tools available for CB (mailing lists, webinars, etc.).
>  We will be defining these needs and defining the programs to address the
> needs.  We will then give these to the ICANN Academy should they wish to
> use them.  This will avoid duplication in work and be more efficient.
> Teamwork
> It was felt that we need to ensure that the CBWG work very closely with
> both the ATLASII WG and the Secretariats Group.  We need the efforts of all
> three groups working together for the Summit to be successful so that the
> ALSs will be ready for the Summit.  The Secretariat group needs to be on
> board to encourage their ALSs to respond to the survey.  We also need to
> define a deadline for the survey and ensure that it is in line with the
> deadline for the ATLASII survey.
> Thanks,
> D
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