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Hi all,

This is sent on behalf of Dharma Dailey who is having some problems accessing the list for some reason.

Please see below.


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Joly et al,

It's super humbling to have such enthusiastic support in light of me being MIA for the most part for quite some time. Thanks so much.

For those who follow the email list and not the NARALO Skype chat, here is what I posted there regarding my qualifications to be a Durban Traveler:

Since many of you don't know me here are a few relevant items:
I attended ICANN in Puerto Rico and Mexico City. My two substantive contributions to NARALO so far have been  1) a survey of NARALO members before Mexico City that summarized each members concerns and priorities leading up to the meeting. I created a two page summary of survey results and this was presented to the board by Wendy Seltzer. 2) I helped instigate and organize an all ALS poster session at Mexico City where ALS's from all regions got to learn about each other's work. These are the kinds of contributions that I'm generally interested in making.

Professionally, I am a user experience researcher. My work to date has often concerned North Americans who have little or no Internet access. I'm now getting a PhD in Human Centered Design and Engineering at the University of Washington. My future academic work will focus on meeting critical information needs for diverse audiences. When I got involved with NARALO, I was interested in linking ICANN issues to concerns of your everyday Internet user through the research techniques I use professionally. After Mexico City, I assessed that it probably wasn't feasible to do so at that time, so I stepped back from being actively involved in NARALO. I've participated in an occasional phone call. I monitor the skype chat and listserv, but for the most part, I felt there wasn't a way for me to contribute that wasn't redundant to the talent already involved.

In general, whether I attend Durbin or not, I am interested in supporting NARALO's work in ways that align with my skills and interests. For example, I think the member survey was an efficient and effective way of getting input from all NARALO members leading up to the Mexico City meeting and I'm happy to support these kinds of activities. But I'm most interested in participating in activities that bring NARALO closer to its mission of authentic representation of user concerns.

Best Regards,

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Dharma Daley

Well at least you got the h right! How about the i?


Dharma is very capable. I like the idea of bringing her back in to the fold.


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