[NA-Discuss] Fwd: [jolmac 72668103] Important Pricing Info for .com and .net Registrations

Evan Leibovitch evan at telly.org
Fri May 17 07:45:10 UTC 2013

Score one?



Domains are disgustingly underpriced.

If domains were $30 (or more) per year rather than $10, the cost for each
genuine Internet provider, using a single domain name, would still be a
negligible part of the total cost of operating an Internet presence.


   - The number of speculative domains being hoarded would be dramatically
   - Since content-free domains would be more expensive to monetize, many
   typo-squatting sites would vanish too, decreasing end-user confusion
   - People like myself who hold a handful of vanity domains -- but only
   need one -- would be more easily persuaded to let go of the redundant ones,
   further increasing the available pool
   - Brand owners and others would learn the benefits of using third.level
   domain names, a facility widely underused because of the cheap cost of
   second level names

A dramatically increased cost per domain, with the extra money used to pay
for increased enforcement and public information/participation programs,
would be a far better approach from a public-interest PoV.

By "holding the line", PIR is doing nobody any favours except for the
squatters and speculators -- and their own bank account. Even non-profits
can be greedy.

- Evan

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