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*NomCom 2013 report card*
Issue date: March 2013
NomCom 2013 essentials

Committee Leadership:
Chair (chosen by the Board): Yrjö Länsipuro
Associate Chair (chosen by Chair to assist): Adam Peake
Chair Elect (chosen by the Board to be 2014 NomCom Chair): Cheryl
Voting members: 5 ALAC; 1 ccNSO; 1 ASO; 1 TLG; 1 IAB; 7 GNSO (RrSG, RySG,
ISPCP, IPC, CBUC [1 small / 1 large business rep])
Non voting members: 1 SSAC, 1 RSSAC
ICANN Staff support: Olof Nordling (Staff Support Lead), Joette Youkhanna
(Staff Support)
Meeting essentials
Last meeting held: February (Teleconference).
This meeting: Teleconference.
Duration: 90 minutes.
Expected next meeting: April 2013, ICANN International meeting.
Attendance: Chair; Chair Elect; Associate Chair; 3 ALAC
(Asia/Australia/Pacific, Latin
America/Caribbean Islands and North America); 0 NCUC; 1 ISPCP; 1 ccNSO; 1
1 RrSG; 1 RySG; 1 SSAC; 1 TLG; 0 RSSAC, 1 BC; 1 IAB. Apologies received from
members unable to attend.
Meeting agenda
1) Opening of the meeting, roll call
2) SOI Update
3) External recruitment help
4) Outreach reports/plans of members - tour de table
5) Results of the NCA survey
6) Beijing
Highlights of Output:
Agenda Item 2
Joette, Nom Com Secretariat, reports that not much has changed as far as
SOIs are
concerned since our last call. We have not received many more, but we have
begun to
receive references for SOIs that have been received.
Total of 6 new SOIs. Total 16 SOIs.
Agenda Item 3
Adam Peake reports on discussions with a recruiting firm that he has been
leading with
Stephane Van Gelder. An agreement has been found and Adam and Stephane have
put this
to the NomCom, which is satisfied.
Recruitment firm using a 2-step process to ensure that their requirements
for effective
recruitment efforts meet Nom Com requirements for SOIs.
Chair called for committee to agree on using recruitment firm. Committee
agrees. Adam and
Stéphane now to continue working with recruitment firm.
Agenda Item 4
Committee members giving updates on recent outreach events: WSIS+10 in
Paris, ICANN
event in Singapore, the Canadian Internet Forum by CIRA event in Canada,
launch of ISOC
Canada, event in Africa…
Members report difficulties in raising interest for positions other than
the Board.
Suggestions that some work be done with the ICANN fellowship recipient
community. Joette
will follow up with Janice (ICANN fellowship staff support), that the Nom
Com work with the
ICANN PR agency, and that articles be written to highlight the need for
global representation
NomCom table will feature in the ICANN Village with banner, brochures and
NomCom has 3 time slots from Monday to Thursday, at 10:30, 12:30 and 15:00.
Doodle poll
open to solicit NomCom volunteers to man these slots.
Agenda Item 5
Results of Survey initiated by Ron Andruff on the wiki page. Good guide for
the committee to
use in outreach efforts.
Agenda Item 6
Overview of the ICANN Beijing schedule. NomCom meetings include:
- Closed breakfast meeting from Monday to Thursday.
- Outreach committee meeting on Monday.
- Open NomCom meeting on Tuesday.
- Planning meeting for NomCom Selection meeting in Durban on Wednesday.
- Open public workshop on Wednesday.
- A few other sessions being organised, including one with the BCG, the
NCUC, etc…
Joette will send this schedule in Excel format to the email list.

Attachment  is  PDF  Version

The Open meeting of the NomCom is a first and an important meeting to show
community how the NomCom works.

 It is something the 2013 NomCom has wanted to pushfor, but it means we
will have to plan this meeting well.

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