[NA-Discuss] [New gTLD RG] PICs posted by applicants "dot Health Limited" and "DotHealth, LLC"

Avri Doria avri at ella.com
Wed Mar 6 19:46:46 UTC 2013


I beleive a Community is self defined.

Sure others can call anything a community - people have even called ICANN a community, but I think every bit of the new gTLD policy background requires that a Community first stand up and identify itself as a Community - either in application, comment or objection.

That is what is missing for me.

There is no Community here because no Community has declared itself.
There is no Community harm here because no Community is claiming harm.

An IGO does not count as Community.

2 out of 2 missing elements

Hence I can't support a Community Objection of harm.  


On 6 Mar 2013, at 14:11, Eric Brunner-Williams wrote:

>  why is their decision made worse
> if they find a community exists, not necessarily contained in any of
> the documents submitted by private, for-profit applicants, nor
> necessarily contained in any documents created by any party other than
> the At Large policy making body, and exercise this particular form of
> process, created specifically for the At Large policy making body, and
> thereby inform the Board, consistent with the purpose of At Large as
> set forth in the ByLaws?
> Which fork is the salad fork? Which the desert fork?

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