[NA-Discuss] Suspension of Posting Privileges for Eric Brunner Williams

Garth Bruen gbruen at knujon.com
Wed Jun 19 14:59:32 UTC 2013


As Chair of NARALO I am requesting that Eric Brunner Williams, for violating
the Rules of Conduct be suspended from posting the NARALO mailing list and
WIKI immediately. Any additional postings from Eric Brunner Williams
following this notice must be deleted by staff. 

On March 05, 2013 Eric Brunner Williams submitted a disparaging Ad-Hominem
attack against a member of another constituency. This resulted in a
complaint to the ALAC Chair and removal of the post. The NARALO Chair twice
requested that Eric Brunner Williams apologize to the aggrieved party. Mr.
Williams has neither acknowledged or complied with this request. I have
received additional complaints from the community and must recognize this as
a "pattern of abuse."

I am requesting that the NARALO Secretary witness this.

Eric Brunner Williams may be allowed to re-join the NARALO list under the
following conditions:

1. He apologizes for the March 05, 2013 comment to the aggrieved party,
CC'ing the Chair and Secretary
2. He re-apply for unaffiliated NARALO membership following the proper
3. The region review this case and reach a consensus

Any questions or concerns can be submitted to me. I cannot re-post the
offending remark but will explain the situation privately upon request.

As stated in our Rules of Conduct, membership may be suspended for:

"Unprofessional commentary, regardless of the general subject"
" Postings that are libelous, knowingly false, ad-hominem, or misrepresents
another person"

The ROC further states:

"The NARALO Chair is empowered to suspend or restrict a person's posting
rights when the content that person has posted is inappropriate and
represents a pattern of abuse. The Chair defines and determines what is
inappropriate content on a case-by-case basis."


"If the Chair suspends posting rights or deletes a comment or link, he will
say so and explain why"

Full document is here:

Respectfully, Garth Bruen


Garth Bruen
gbruen at knujon.com

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