[NA-Discuss] The self-nomination of Eric Brunner-Williams for NARALO Chair

Thomas Lowenhaupt toml at communisphere.com
Tue Jun 18 13:56:40 UTC 2013

I'm in favor of elections and a review of the operating priorities of 
NARALO (and the RALOs in general).  And my hope is that by seconding the 
nomination of Eric Brunner-Williams, such a review will ensue.

As head of a newer At-Large Structure, I appreciate Eric's emphasis on 
the need for "outreach."  Just last week I attended a briefing by 
Olivier that presented a most excellent inward view of the ICANN's 
operation. My hope is that at some point in the future there would be a 
similar gathering to reveal success strategies and stories of ALSs. 
Broader levels of support for ALSs would also prove beneficial.

I note that several months ago I met with Mr. Bruen who emphasized his 
interest in developing the ALSs. So let me end where I started. I'm in 
favor of elections and a review of the operating priorities of NARALO 
and therefore, I second the nomination of Eric Brunner-Williams.

Thomas Lowenhaupt

On 6/18/2013 12:13 AM, Eric Brunner-Williams wrote:
> Colleagues,
> I think the situation may reasonably be summarized as there exist some
> At-Large Structures which meet a reasonable interpretation of the 2007
> MOU, and some which do not. On issues for which a vote is the means of
> determining the position of record of the Region there is no
> distinction between them.
> I suggest that this situation has come about by ordinary fatigue,
> enhanced by a correctable, but persistent error.
> The error has been to waste much of the time any Chair has available
> on tasks which do not directly contribute to the increase in vitality
> of existing ALSes, aka "inreach", or the number of new ALSes, aka
> "outreach".
> The practice, which began some time ago, before Garth Bruen
> volunteered, and before Beau Brendler volunteered, with Evan Libovitch
> who created this "Perq", was to use the _very_ limited travel support
> to send the Chair and Secretary to general meetings. The error has
> persisted for _years_.
> This practice has three consequences -- all adverse.
> First, the time required by ICANN travel is ten days door-to-door, for
> each meeting -- 30 days/year. The Chairs and Secretaries of RALOs do
> not need to spend a month a year reading their status reports to each
> other and chatting up the ALAC. Electronic mail, podcasts and phones
> suffice.
> Second, each year six additional people who actually do make informed
> contributions to policy could participate first hand in ICANN meetings
> and bring back to their At-Large Structures their experience and
> improved judgement. This opportunity is currently wasted on
> _ineffective_ Officer junkets.
> Third, the RALO officers could be spending one month of full-time work
> per year on "inreach" and "outreach", on making the RALO less ...
> absurdly inconsequential. This opportunity too is currently wasted on
> _ineffective_ Officer junkets.
> If elected Chair, and this constitutes self-nomination, I will use the
> office of regional Chair to ensure that the Chair and Secretary work
> only to advance Regional Organizational goals, cease the current abuse
> of travel support as a private right of office, and advance those who
> are informed and engaged in public policy issues.
> Eric Brunner-Williams
> Eugene, Oregon
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