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Robert Guerra rguerra at privaterra.org
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If we want to be effective on this issue, would draft a document - but wait until the ICANN report comes out just before the Durban meeting. 

The technical  testing results will hopefully provide far better details on how such a policy could impact the resiliency, security and stability of the DNS.


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On 2013-06-10, at 11:05 AM, Evan Leibovitch wrote:

> Given that the subject was only first raised yesterday, I would suggest
> having this, at best, as "if time allows" at the end of today's agenda --
> and even then just as an introduction. It looks like there's already a full
> plate and this one may need more discussion.
> I'm happy to collaborate with others -- Robert and Eric especially -- on
> crafting a concise statement that reflects NARALO's concerns, to be
> endorsed by the region. I would be happy to submit such a statement to the
> ALAC for consideration as globally-approved advice to the Board. If that is
> considered of value I would ask Staff ASAP to create an appropriate wiki
> page for its development.
> We could also request an informational webinar for global At-Large that
> could offer the PoVs expressed above, perhaps as well as those (if we can
> find them) who support dotless domains as an innovation in the public
> interest that addresses the SSAC053 concerns.
> But that wouldn't be ready today. ;-)
> On 10 June 2013 09:52, Garth Bruen <gbruen at knujon.com> wrote:
>> Will add to call agenda
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>> Thank you SO much for this "dotless domains for dummies" explanations!
>> Thank you all for your postings as this helps all of us that aren't up on
>> this topic.
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>>> To try to understand this issue:  why were dotless domains ruled out of
>> the new gTLD expansion?  What is the problem with them?
>> The SSAC 053 report describes the issues pretty well.  The short
>> explanation
>> is that for the past zillion years (in Internet time) the only use of
>> dotless names has been private use on internal networks, and there's a lot
>> of software that assumes that's what they are.  Adding global dotless
>> domains would be really flaky.
>> Typical example:
>> http://blah/
>> means a local host called blah, not the .blah domain.
>> The GAC objected to Google's having .search as a private domain, so Google
>> concocted a dotless hack and sent it to ICANN, who are currently scratching
>> their heads.  There are several other applicants for .search so even if
>> ICANN were to decide Google's application was OK, they'd still have to slug
>> it out with the other applicants.
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