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Thank you SO much for this "dotless domains for dummies" explanations!  Thank you all for your postings as this helps all of us that aren't up on this topic.


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> To try to understand this issue:  why were dotless domains ruled out of the new gTLD expansion?  What is the problem with them?

The SSAC 053 report describes the issues pretty well.  The short explanation is that for the past zillion years (in Internet time) the only use of dotless names has been private use on internal networks, and there's a lot of software that assumes that's what they are.  Adding global dotless domains would be really flaky.

Typical example:


means a local host called blah, not the .blah domain.

The GAC objected to Google's having .search as a private domain, so Google concocted a dotless hack and sent it to ICANN, who are currently scratching their heads.  There are several other applicants for .search so even if ICANN were to decide Google's application was OK, they'd still have to slug it out with the other applicants.

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