[NA-Discuss] Dotless domains

Evan Leibovitch evan at telly.org
Mon Jun 10 02:56:47 UTC 2013

I agree with Eric.

What I find astounding about the issue is that it's still alive right now.

ICANN has its hands full dealing with problems emanating from the
*existing* regulations guiding the current application round. Adding new
points of deviation from what was explicitly disallowed is an invitation
for even more grief.

If Google and others want to demonstrate innovation that makes the DNS more
diverse while providing public benefit and addressing the real security
concerns, we have until the next round to figure it out.

I think it is wholly appreciate that NARALO further discuss this issue. We
have the aims of both informing our community, and possibly advising ICANN
(in as strong and direct language as possible) to defer consideration of
this issue until after the fallout from round one of the gTLD expansion
program is understood.

- Evan (via mobile)
On 2013-06-09 8:52 PM, "Eric Brunner-Williams" <ebw at abenaki.wabanaki.net>

> On 6/9/13 3:39 PM, Robert Guerra wrote:
> > ... could provide potential innovations ...,
> The innovations are still quite speculative, and since the advocates
> could demonstrate their innovations and prove the value claims
> trivially in either a demonstration root (as ICANN did during the
> early ccTLD IDN work), or in the second level in the IANA, or CNNIC,
> or other "alternate root" schemes, the utility claim is under-proved.
> > ... SSAC 053 advisory.
> The risks however, are not under-proved.
> Eric Brunner-Williams
> Eugene, Oregon
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