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*NomCom 2013 report card*

*Issue date*: August 10, 2013

 *NomCom 2013 essentials*

 *Committee Leadership (Non voting):*

*Chair *(chosen by the Board): Yrjö Länsipuro

*Associate Chair* (chosen by Chair to assist): Adam Peake

*Chair Elect* (chosen by the Board to be 2014 NomCom Chair): Cheryl


*Voting members*: 5 ALAC; 1 ccNSO; 1 ASO; 1 TLG; 1 IAB; 7 GNSO (RrSG, RySG,
NCUC, ISPCP, IPC, CBUC [1 small / 1 large business rep])

 *Non voting members*: 1 SSAC, 1 RSSAC

 *ICANN Staff support*: Olof Nordling (Staff Support Lead), Joette
Youkhanna (Staff Support), Jia-Juh Kimoto (Staff Support).

 *Ongoing work*

 The 2013 Nominating Committee met at ICANN 47 Durban for the last and
weightiest part of its work. Consistent with its drive towards greater
transparency, the Committee began the week with an open meeting as part of
the Durban ICANN meeting agenda.

 On Wednesday and Thursday, the Committee launched into two full days of
shortlisted candidate interviews before sequestering itself off-site,
following the Durban ICANN meeting, to continue the final selection work on
Friday and Saturday. This work consisted of detailed discussions of all of
the candidates with straw polling in between to bring clarity, followed by
voting, to determine the final slate of appointees for the Board, GNSO
Council, ccNSO Council and ALAC Council.

 As a reminder, the 2013 Nom Com was tasked with filling 3 Board of
Director seats; 3 ALAC Councillor seats (representing Africa,
Asia/Australia/Pacific Islands, and Latin America/Caribbean regions); 2
GNSO Council seats and 2 ccNSO Council seats.

 The work was arduous, but collegial, and selections were made in a
congenial and collaborative manner that brought about a unanimous decision
of the 2014 NomCom ICANN Board appointees. According to the NomCom rules,
only the voting members of the committee took part in the polling and
voting that led to the final slate of appointees that will be presented by
the 2013 NomCom.

 Herewith we submit the 2013 Nom Com's final Report Card.

 The next, and final, communication from the 2013 Committee will be the
final selection announcement.
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