[NA-Discuss] NOMCOM Completion

Alan Greenberg alan.greenberg at mcgill.ca
Sun Jul 21 09:12:20 UTC 2013

Thanks for all the work, Glenn,  Alan

At 21/07/2013 04:51 AM, Glenn McKnight wrote:
>Hi All
>We wrapped up the  NOMCOM  2013.
>It's been two years for me and the position is term limited   We have
>selected a great slate of people for Directors, gNSO,ccNSO and  ALAC.
>We had 15 members in this year's council selecting from a large than normal
>set of SOI's
>It's now Day 13 for me in Durban and it started off with  my involvement
>with the 1st African School of Internet  Governance in Durban with 35
>participants from across Africa, put on by APC and the training was done by
>the usual suspects  ie. Bill Drake, Avri, and Wolfgang.
>Lots of video has been shot of the sessions and it will be posted on the
>NCUC website which has a  video section.
>The  DNS and Africa event followed this event along with the AFRALO
>  Showcase.  Again each of the speeches have been video taped but  they are
>not yet posted since AFRALO doesn't have it's own site or facebook page.
>Lots of more sessions were recorded and available upon request.  A
>  discussion on where to host the pictures and video needs to be addressed.
>Good luck to Louis as the new representative
>A full  August report will be available at our next call
>Glenn McKnight
>mcknight.glenn at gmail.com
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