[NA-Discuss] Opinions requested from the At-Large community on objection comments received on new gTLD applications.

John R. Levine johnl at iecc.com
Mon Jan 28 22:07:09 UTC 2013

> In the case of Patagonia, that is a region and not a political entity name.
> It, like Amazon, is also the name of a multinational commercial entity. It
> will be significant, at least to me, to see the history of objections
> launched against these domain names at the second level.

In ICANN's comments system, there's a huge pile of comments on .PATAGONIA. 
Many are in Spanish, which suggests they are from people who live in the 
area.  There are only two on .AMAZON.  I agree that North Americans have 
no particular standing to complain about either.

> In the case of .nyc we have a situation in which the city government has
> made a clear choice according to ICANN guidelines.

Agreed.  Complaints go to the NY city council, not ICANN.

> And as for .health, I personally see it as no different from any other
> non-brand dictionary word being applied for as a TLD. ...

There are four applications, all of which have a lot of comments.  Is this 
about one in particular, or all four of them?

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