[NA-Discuss] address allocation, was Google Fiber

John R. Levine johnl at iecc.com
Sun Feb 10 03:03:27 UTC 2013

> To keep it simple, is ICANN's policy, originating in the regional
> address registries and the ASO, and upon adoption by the Corporation,
> implemented through the ASO and its regional address registries, to
> allocate the remaining and recovered IPv4 blocks to the wealthiest
> applicants, or does the purpose to which the applicant proposes to
> commit the critical and scarce resource determine the allocation?

The RIRs would stoutly deny that the policy it to allocate available space 
to the wealthiest applicants.  They have rules about who qualifies, based 
on existing usage and documented plans.  The part about allowing existing 
address space holders to sell it directly to others is just recognizing 
reality, since they will do it whether or not ICANN and the RIRs like it.

In any event, if the answer is that we don't like the current policies, 
are we willing to go to war with the RIRs to make them change them?


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