[NA-Discuss] Shared Hosting vs VPS: How safe is your website

Robert Guerra rguerra at privaterra.org
Wed Feb 6 13:10:33 UTC 2013

Using low cost hosting is to be avoid due to security issues and/or attacks that - will - take place. 

Would recommend instead getting a domain name and then configuring the DNS entries so that site can be hosted via Google sites or blogspot - which is free. 


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On 2013-02-06, at 7:52 AM, Glenn McKnight wrote:

> Hi All
> Recently I setup the ISOC  Canada  WordPress site at a  Shared Hosting
> website due to price but  upon research and discussion with Joly and
> others  I discovered that  Shared hosting  opens your  site to potential
> hacking.  Research revealed that the site is shared with 3,500  others.
> Here is some research on the risk
> http://www.epicwinhosting.com/blog/is-shared-hosting-secure/
> *Question:  Is it worth the difference?*
> Secondly,
> Upon discussion with the hosting company they don't have a VPS service to
> upgrade the account.
> Thirdly
> When I did a  WHOIS on the name  this was the first thing I found. No
> response yet from the hosting company, Ticketed the item with their support
> on this issue as well.  Almost feel  hostage.
> Name FastDomain Inc. (R1455-LROR) StatusADDPERIOD, CLIENT TRANSFER
> Fourth
> In conversation with  Joly he recommeded  a  VPS  site  called GANDI for
> more secure hosting
> https://www.gandi.net/domain/buy/result/
> Also I found  gatorhosting.com   as well
> Glenn
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