[NA-Discuss] Monthly Reports, Beijing & NARALO "Call"

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Hi All, 

Just to let you know that there will be several ALAC and At-Large meetings this week during the 46th ICANN Meeting in Beijing. The information on the meetings, including dates, times and dial-information may be viewed at: http://beijing46.icann.org/beijing46/schedule/co/simple/At-Large. Recordings and transcripts will be posted as soon as they have been received. 

Kind regards,

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NARALO'ers (ites?),

DISCLAIMER: This is NOT an April's Fool joke and this email contains no
trickery. In reviewing March's activities I can see this was a VERY busy

First, please note that April's NARALO Teleconference is SUSPENDED because
we will be at the ICANN meeting while the call usually occurs. The NARALO
meeting, dedicated to Outreach, will be April 9 @0730 local (April 8 @ 2330
UTC): http://beijing46.icann.org/node/37073. Please dial-in if you want to
participate. I will resend the information with the remote participation
link closer to the event. The details of this meeting are still being set.
The entire schedule is here: http://beijing46.icann.org/full-schedule. Staff
posted this Policy brief for Beijing:

The next NARALO teleconference will be Monday 13 May 2013. WE ARE LOOKING
FOR A VOLUNTEER ALS FOR THE MAY SPOTLIGHT - Please contact me, Darlene and

The April ALAC call is also canceled, the next teleconference will be 28 May

The March monthly report has been posted:
These reports are for your benefit, if I have missed any items or there is
something you want on the official record, PLEASE tell me.

Last month was largely overshadowed by the New gTLDs Community Objection
process. For better or worse, the At-Large part appears to be over. However,
we also had intense discussion about the RAA proposed amendments and the
voting procedures for the opening board seat.

Realizing we fumbled some budget requests, these proposals and deadlines are
being given a second look.

Thanks, Garth


Garth Bruen
gbruen at knujon.com

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