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*David Weinberger* - Researcher at Harvard's Berkman Center for the
internet and author of *Too Big To Know*.

*Andrew Blum* - journalist and author of *Tubes*.

*Vint Cerf *- Vice President of Google

*Ron Deibert *- Director of Citizen Lab and Canada Centre at the Munk
School of Global Affairs, University of Toronto, author of *Black Code*.

*Jesse Hirsh* - Internet Researcher, broadcaster, public speaker.
President and founder of Metaviews Media Management.
John Levine* -  Author of *Internet for Dummies* and president of The
Coalition Against Unsolicited Commerical Email.
Barry Wellman* - Professor of Sociology at The University of Toronto and
Director of Netlab. Co-author of *Networked: The New Social Operating System

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