[NA-Discuss] Article on Corruption of the Nomcom

Glenn McKnight mcknight.glenn at gmail.com
Thu Oct 18 13:07:16 UTC 2012

I was asked my NARALO members to send a link to the recent article which
critical of the NOMCOM
For the record  I was part of the  NOMCOM  delegation which went to all the
various  groups including a  Public NOMCOM  session to answer any questions
on the failings of the NOMCOM

Robert *Hall's  article  on the Corruption of the NOMCOM*
For the record.
We met with the Board Goverance Committee and we detailed our distaste of
this 'dirty laundry' yellow journalism and we emphasized the problematic
position we were in due to the Oath of Secrecy

Glenn McKnight
mcknight.glenn at gmail.com

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