[NA-Discuss] NARALO EVENT: Who is attending?

Glenn McKnight mcknight.glenn at gmail.com
Thu May 24 18:29:00 UTC 2012

In my email last week on the NARALO Booth and Wine and Cheese get together
 I definitely got  alot of opinions  on the Grape Juice and Soya Cheese, I
promise to avoid humour at all costs[?]

We promise that the planned food and drink items will be more intoxicating
to go with the stimulating conversations.

In order to help the planning process  of attendees. Please email if you
will be attending the event and your preference for the event.  Note that
the Gala  is on Wednesday and the event wraps up on Thursday.  It looks
like Monday or Tuesday is the most viable.

A good suggestion is renting space for our event at the STEAM WHISTLE
 ROUNDHOUSE  which is a few blocks away and they also cater and provide
brewery tour.  This is Canada's premium  Pilsener and they can accommodate
 (dare I say wine)

At this point I am not sure on the budget since it appears the the budget
was approved

Cut and paste from SKYPE  conversation
Page 72 of ICANN's FY13 proposed Operating Plan and Budget

and the listing of SO/AC community requests at
shows that for the NARALO Toronto Event Budget Request (FY13-015) of
$25,000, ICANN responded Yes to this request.

In closing, please email your confirmation of attending the event and I
will create a table in the WIKI for attendees at the Event, Volunteers for
the NARALO booth and the Wine and Cheese event



Matrix:  1 means confirmed, you can add your name to the WIKI table

                  ICANN 45              Booth         Wine and Cheese  Beau
Brendler1 1 1  Myles Braithwaite

 Garth Bruen

 Eric Brunner-Williams

 Sylvia Caras

 Monique Chartrand

 Gordon Chillcott

 Eduardo Diaz

 Ted Ernst

 Randy Glass

 Alan Greenberg

 Chris Grundemann

 Edward Hasbrouck

 Evan Leibovitch 1 1 1  John Levine 1 1 1  Glenn McKnight 1 1 1  Jean
Armour Polly

 Seth Reiss

 Annalisa Roger 1 1 1  Wendy Seltzer

 Gareth Shearman 1 1 1  Alan Skuce

 David Solomonoff

 Darlene Thompson

 Dennis Wilen


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skype  gmcknight
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