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Hi Glenn,

I have copied this e-mail to Gordon so that you will have it.

I personally think that these ideas are great and you can count me in to take any time-slot whatsoever (including multiple time-slots) as long as there isn't an ALAC or At-Large meeting happening as the same time.

Thank you SO much for taking the lead on this!


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Hi All

As a followup to Monday's call  it looks like I am the volunteer to do a low profile activity for  ICANN 45 in Toronto for NARALO

Discussion has been for a ALS  Showcase but due to lack of interest, lack of financial support  etc  this idea is shelved.  Alternatively I have suggested a cost effective alternative based upon a similar idea we did in Costa Rico for the NOMCOM.

#1 Table Top Trade Show  Display

The idea is a 10 by 10  booth area ( in a hallway is fine)  with a folding table, banner, laptop, two chairs and Naralo brochures and volunteer recruitment forms
-Computer  will loop NARALO video

# Purpose
NARALO  members would volunteer one or two hour time slots and they would engage  North American ALS`s  to learn more about NARALO and get involved.

#3 Expected Results
In increase awareness of NARALO
Increase membership and volunteerism

# 4  Volunteer Schedule
I am working on a master schedule for our NARALO activities including the ' booth' display for the event

I understand the event runs from Sunday Oct 14th to Oct 19th.     If we agree on a table top display similar to what we did for  NOMCOM  what days would be have for the display?  What are the actual days for volunteerism?

Also,  can I get all the names of the NARALO membership so they can add their preference times and dates for the table top volunteerism?

The schedule will be a GOOGLE  Doc and I will use DOODLE as well.

Feel free to contact me if you have any comments or suggestions.

I don't have Gordon's email.  Can someone forward this email to him



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