[NA-Discuss] Call for participants in At-large new gTLD review group - urgent

Beau Brendler beaubrendler at earthlink.net
Mon May 7 18:10:14 UTC 2012

   Thanks for including that additional info, Joly. I wouldn't worry at this
   point  about qualifications vis-a-vis others. We have four respondents
   (nice!) and if you like I will put your name in the hat. The next step I
   believe is that the ALAC reviews the names and makes the decisions. The NA
   is supposed to forward names of interested candidates.

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     More info on

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   Who do we have? I am interested, but there are others here I feel are way
   better qualified. How does the additional "member volunteer" process work?
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     There is an urgent call for participants in the At-Large new gTLD Review
     Group. Each region is supposed to make its recommendations to the ALAC by
     Tuesday,  8  May  (that's  tomorrow)  so the ALAC can vote on these
     If you are interested in joining this group, can you reply to me and/or
     Darlene right away so that we can submit your names?
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