[NA-Discuss] draft/reviving the RAA working group

Beau Brendler beaubrendler at earthlink.net
Wed Jan 4 02:41:06 UTC 2012

   Dear staff,

   I'd like to ask for your help in reviving the RAA-WG list, which we have
   been meaning to do for a while now.

   Can we do it with a minimum of language, to get the thing restarted, and
   then provide logistical details and whatnot on the second or third mailing.
   We  should send it to the old RAA-WG mailing list. I would suggest the
   subject line:

   Renewing Interest in a Registrar Accreditation Agreement (RAA) working group


   You're receiving this note because of an expression of interest, or because
   of previous membership in the Registrar Accreditation Agreement working
   group convened by the Generic Names Services Organization.

   Because of some important activity regarding the RAA, we would like to ask
   you to join a new group, this time convened by the at-large community.
   Membership is open to anyone, but the group's intent will be to determine
   and represent the interests of Internet users, not contracted parties.
   Discussion will be free and open and not limited or prescribed.

   If you're interested, send a reply to XXXXX.icann.org and we will send you
   information about what's going on with the RAA, when the meetings will be,
   and  other  things you will want to know. The first meeting will be by
   teleconference in late January, at a date and time to come, with the intent
   to develop an in-person discussion agenda for the forthcoming Costa Rica

   Thanks and Regards,

   Beau Brendler, working group chair

   Chair, NARALO

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