[NA-Discuss] Convening the NA-RALO Puerto Rico ccTLD .PR "task force"

Eduardo Diaz eduardodiazrivera at gmail.com
Wed Sep 28 02:14:49 UTC 2011


Great!  Give me a couple of days to seek out the law firm that is handling
the sue to get the latest facts and to let me write something down to use as
the first step towards the discussion.

Also here are a couple of other articles that came out in the press. There
are in Spanish but I guess you can run them through a translator and get the

*http://tinyurl.com/novelonpr* <http://tinyurl.com/novelon>

The first link is interesting since it shows a picture of the .pr ccTLD
manager, Oscar Moreno, sitting next to Vint Cerf and Paul Twoney. I believe
this picture was taken during the 2007 ICANN meeting in Puerto Rico when Dr.
Moreno signed the accountability framework with ICANN. What an irony!

Also, it is difficult not to notice the coincidence that .pr ccTLD was a
diamond sponsor in the Puerto Rico meeting (http://www.icannsanjuan.pr/) and
that the .pr redelegation happened the same year.


PS: Here is the link to the accountability framework signed by Oscar Morena
and Paul Towney  (www.icann.org/en/cctlds/*pr*/*pr*-icann-af-26jun07.pdf).
Check out item number A.2 where ICANN recognizes that the .pr was delegated
to the Gauss Research Laboratory, Inc. in 2007, a corporation operating in
Puerto Rico.

On Tue, Sep 27, 2011 at 5:57 PM, Beau Brendler
<beaubrendler at earthlink.net>wrote:

> Hello Eduardo, Garth, Gareth and all. This note is meant to convene the
> "task force" on the Puerto Rico ccTLD issue. I have cc'd the NA-RALO list in
> case I have missed anyone with interest, or forgottenn expressions of
> interest in previous calls. Please join us if you want to get involved or
> remind me if you want to be part of the effort going forward!
> To jog memories, or if you are new to the issue...there's an article (a bit
> old now, and in Spanish) here:
> http://www.vocero.com/puerto-rico-es/se-llevan-dominio-www-gobierno-pr-sin-autorizacion
> I have also attached a copy of the lawsuit, translated into English,
> courtesy of Danny Younger. Eduardo probably has more current information on
> this now, but it's a bit of background.
> I recommend we take the following actions:
> * Prepare a brief statement that the NA-RALO can make prior to Dakar. If
> Eduardo can point me to, or send me, a summary of the latest facts in the
> case I can use that. Or Eduardo and Garth might want to take a crack at
> writing the statement, if that's the case let me know.
> * Ask Garth to put this in perspective of other research that's been done
> by Knujon and others on the ccTLD space, with an eye towards producing a
> small report or a statement to the effect that "what's going on with Puerto
> Rico's country-code level domain may seem unusual, but considering these
> other things happening with ccTLDS, it's not so unusual." That can be the
> basis of possibly getting some press, because we are going to need that, or
> at least the possibility of it, to get that community to take notice and get
> ICANN/IANA to take the matter seriously.
> * Make a determination prior to Dakar of what the appropriate channels are
> to raise concerns about this, so that we can send some communication up
> those channels prior to Dakar.
> Seems to me like those are some concrete first steps to get things started.
> Feel free to add or offer other ideas. I think we have an opportunity here
> since Garth will be joining us in Dakar.
> Best,
> Beau

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