[NA-Discuss] Changing the status quo (was: The European Commission Papers on ICANN)

Evan Leibovitch evan at telly.org
Thu Sep 8 14:48:11 UTC 2011

Funny you should mention this.

The issue has been raised at the last ALAC executive meeting call about
meeting with non-domain-industry components of the GNSO. In Singapore there
was a surprising (to me) amount of shared goals found in a meeting with the
Business Constituency. We are explicitly working on doing more with the
NCSG, but nothing final yet.

Note: Our partnerships sometime appear to be quite ... dynamic. There is
significant concern within the NCUC (some of it expressed directly to me in
a "how could you *betray* us!?!" conversation during a San Francisco taxi
ride) regarding our new-found common ground with the GAC. I hope the new
blood indicated by Beau may mitigate this challenge.

- Evan

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