[NA-Discuss] "What's At Stake" gTLD conference

Bret Fausett bfausett at internet.law.pro
Thu Oct 20 20:34:49 UTC 2011

I really liked the idea that ICANN announce now when it will have the next open application window as a way to take pressure off this round. The "now or never" idea that a lot of consultants and back-end registries are pitching is both factually wrong and, I think, detrimental to the process. Scaring people into operating Internet infrastructure won't be good for anyone, including the company that receives the delegation of something it wasn't really sure it wanted anyway. "Now or never" also will substantially increase the number of applications, which will complicate the evaluation and launch process.

I'd like to see ICANN announce now that it will open another application window in January, 2013. That would give the companies sitting on the fence comfort that they won't be left out, and we all will be able to see whether what comes out of this first round is worth emulating. My expectation is that after seeing what new TLDs really look like, with all of their complexities and expenses, some of the companies now thinking of how to do this will decide not to pursue it at all. For the undecided, I think it's better to watch and learn than to learn while operating a registry. 


On Oct 20, 2011, at 11:36 AM, Evan Leibovitch wrote:

> Is anyone from NARALO going to this conference?
> http://www.cadna.org/Whats-At-Stake/
> It seems like a very useful approach with which we might want to associate
> ourselves. Yes, much of it involves major brandholders scared by the influx
> of gTLDs, but it seems that there is much common ground between that group's
> skepticism about the program and that of ICANN At-Large.
> As one example of how this may be interesting, apparently gTLD consultants
> are unwelcome at the event:
> http://domainincite.com/whats-at-stake-conference-bans-new-gtld-consultants/
> ...
> boo hoo.
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