[NA-Discuss] Draft FY 12 Community Travel Support Guidelines

Thompson, Darlene DThompson1 at GOV.NU.CA
Thu Jun 23 06:50:58 UTC 2011

I would like to draw your attention to comments that Danny Younger posted in the ICANN public comments in regards to the Draft FY 12 Community Travel Support Guidelines and my response thereto.

Danny Younger's Comment:

I draw the community’s attention to the primary purpose of the Travel Support Guidelines, namely to “advance the work of ICANN”.  

Yesterday I remotely participated in an ALAC meeting where a vote was being conducted.  Quorum was barely reached as a large number of ALAC members that we financially supported to attend such meetings chose not to be present.  This is not the first occasion of travel-supported ALAC members being noted as missing-in-action.  It has become a pattern.  

Needless to say, I am thoroughly disgusted by such behavior.  

I have certain expectations.  Just as I expect certain other communities (such as the registries and registrars) to either police their own behaviors or face the prospect of regulations being foisted upon them, so too do I expect the at-large community to engage in self-policing.

To date, whatever measures the at-large community has taken to ensure that travel-support recipients are actually engaged in “work” have not been effective – abusive behavior continues unchecked and wastes the resources that have generously been allocated.

I am of the view that ICANN must now step in to forcefully deal with this situation as community self-policing efforts have clearly failed.  

My own recommendation would be to impose a moratorium on all at-large travel support until such time as the ALAC develops a policy to effectively deal with the abuses in its own camp.  

My response:

I would like to publicly respond to Danny Younger’s comment.  I was at the meeting he referred to.

At the ALAC vote, nine out of fifteen of the ALAC members were present.  Of the six that were not present, three were not in Singapore and did not receive travel support (Jean-Jacques Subrenat, Gareth Shearman and Marc Rotenberg).  The people who received travel support in their stead were present at the meeting but did not have voting privileges.  Mohamed El Bashir was not present at the meeting because he was ill with food poisoning but gave his support to the vote by e-mail and Carlton Samuels was in another meeting.  This leaves but one person unaccounted for.

I am against all measures that Danny Younger suggested as he obviously wrote his comment before he gathered the relevant information.


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